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Group Companies

Essentially Group Plc (“EGP”)

EGP is an investment and holding company, listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange, with a long term acquisition strategy centred around identifying opportunities and businesses operating in the health and wellness F&B sectors which demonstrate strong underlying fundamentals and have high growth potential.

Essentially Holdings Limited (“EHL”)

EHL is incorporated and regulated in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) as an intermediate holding company.

Essentially Juices Manufacturing LLC (“EJM LLC”)

Essentially was born out of the deepest belief that everyone is entitled to live their healthiest potential. Our philosophy is that quality nutrition should be easily accessible in our modern, demanding lifestyles so that individuals can create positive, long-lasting changes to their diet and overall health.

With Essentially, we created a no-fuss approach to health and vitality that will give your body the nutrients you need to live your best life. We encourage you to take health into your own hands, think about what you are putting into your body, and experience what it feels like to be truly nourished and satiated.

Best of Latin Foodstuff Trading LLC (“BLF”)

Best of Latin® is a foodstuff trading company that sources premium, ready-to-eat foodstuffs from growers and exporters mainly in Latin America and other countries. We cater to hotels, cafés, hospitals, schools, and award-winning gourmet kitchens across the UAE and the Middle East. Whether it’s deep in the Amazon rainforest or high above in the hills of The Andes, we partner with small-scale estates that are as passionate about Latin America’s gastronomic heritage as we are. In fact, they are an extension of our DNA.

We love fresh produce. We also love dried foods like peppers, chilies, quinoa, and corn. That’s why at BLF® we believe that healthy living and creative collaboration through food, is the absolute best way to showcase the beauty of Latin American culture and tradition.