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Share Price

Shareholder Information

As of 10th May 2024

Number of shares in issue: 55,005,000
Percentage of shares in public hands: 48.79%

Directors’ Interests

NameNumber of Shares Percentage of Issued Shares
Raja Abuljebain 22,494,000 40.89%
Catalina Onate3,705,000 6.74%
Stuart Lever 1,470,000 2.87%

Shareholders over 3%

NameNumber of Shares Percentage of Issued Shares
The Afia Foundation 22,494,000 40.89%
Esus Ltd 8,974,000 16.35%
Catalina Onate3,705,000 6.74%
Particulars of any outstanding instruments issued by the issuer convertible into, or conferring a right to subscribe for, securities, and the amount and percentage of immediate dilution assuming full exercise of rights of conversion:

On Admission, the Company agreed to grant Clear Capital Limited warrants to subscribe for 100,000 new Ordinary Shares exercisable at £0.5 per Ordinary Share at any time from the date of Admission.

Full exercise of all of the Warrants (assuming that no share options have also been exercised) would result in dilution of the ordinary shares currently in issue by 0.19%.

RNS Announcements

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