Successful Participation at COP28 Climate Summit

Essentially closed 2023 with a bang as one of the chosen juice suppliers for two prominent catering companies during the recent COP28 Climate Summit held in Dubai.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability was showcased as seven of our curated juices were selected and made available in both the Blue Zone, catering to accredited parties, delegates, media, and world leaders, as well as the Green Zone, serving non-accredited delegates and the private sector.

The provisional attendance figures for COP28 indicate an unprecedented gathering of 80,000 delegates from 197 countries, making it the largest COP in history. This is a remarkable evolution since the inaugural climate COP in Berlin in 1995, which hosted 3,969 delegates. Please note that these figures are provisional, and the UNFCCC will release the final statistics post the summit’s conclusion, based on participants collecting physical badges at the venue.

Over the course of the 13-day event, we achieved a commendable average of over 1,000 juice sales per day, providing us with exceptional visibility and fortifying our partnerships with prominent catering companies in the region.

In a groundbreaking development, 200 countries have collectively committed to reducing global fossil fuel consumption, signalling a unified global effort to address climate change. This landmark decision resonates positively with investors and policymakers, affirming the world’s commitment to transitioning away from fossil fuels. For Essentially, this reaffirms that our strategic shift towards biodegradable bottles is well-aligned with the evolving landscape, presenting lucrative commercial opportunities.

Beyond the success at COP28, we are optimistic about extending our relationships within Expo City, a venue slated to host large-scale events in the future. This presents a promising avenue for sustained growth and expansion.