Building Brand Awareness in Abu Dhabi and Beyond

Essentially Juices Manufacturing LLC (“Essentially”) has initiated the supply of nutritious snacks to the renowned Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Essentially’s protein bites are now being offered in selected rooms in the Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental, specifically those which the hotel has recently introduced as the region’s first entirely vegan (to a granular level) rooms. The rebranded Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental is a five-star hotel at a beachfront location offering unparalleled hospitality to a clientele increasingly focused on healthy food and beverage options.

Essentially have also begun distribution of their protein bites and juices to select clients within the portfolio of ADNH Compass Middle East LLC (“ADNH Compass”). ADNH Compass is one of UAE’s largest providers of food services to various industries including healthcare, leisure & sporting events, business and education. Of particular significance is ADNH Compass’ current provision of food services to 157 Mediclinic hospitals and 5,369 health centers in the United Arab Emirates. This offers an exceptional opportunity for Essentially’s expansion in the health sector, as the demand for health-conscious and nutritious offerings continues to rise.

ADNH Compass is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi National Hotels PJSC, one of the UAE’s leading hospitality companies, and Compass Group PLC, currently ranked in the UK Top 30 FTSE listed companies. 

These new relationships not only bolster Essentially’s presence and brand awareness in Abu Dhabi, but also signify the Company’s strategic alignment with the evolving preferences and demands of a diverse and astute clientele in the UAE, the broader Middle East region and beyond.