Essentially Stands to Benefit from the Strategic Merger of Autogrill and Dufry

A significant development in Essentially Group PLC's business landscape has emerged as Dufry, the global travel retailer, has introduced a new brand identity called Avolta to consolidate its merger with Autogrill, the Italian travel foodservice group, as part of its Destination 2027 strategy. This move aims to enhance profitability, reduce vulnerability to economic fluctuations, and innovate the traveler-centered experience, unifying all corporate brands under the Avolta name.
This strategic move may expand Essentially's market reach and visibility to an even broader range of global travelers.
Autogrill, which operated out of DXB, AUH, and SHJ airports, has been a pivotal partner for Essentially, and this merger opens up new opportunities for Essentially's product offerings. DXB airport, ranked fourth in the world for international passenger traffic, and serving over 150 airlines in the Emirates, continues to provide a prime platform for Essentially's products in key travel locations across the UAE.