Pioneering Plastic Recycling in Collaboration with RECAPP

In a notable environmental milestone, April 2023 marked the one-year milestone of Essentially’s collaboration with RECAPP by Veolia in their determined endeavor to recycle plastic waste. Since the inception of the partnership, Essentially has successfully recycled over 1083 kilograms of plastic waste in Dubai, UAE. This impressive effort has led to a substantial reduction of 2,395 kilograms of CO2 emissions, reinforcing their unwavering commitment to sustainability.

This strategic partnership between Essentially and RECAPP by Veolia is addressing the critical issue of plastic waste, while concurrently promoting a more circular plastic economy. Essentially’s pledge to meticulously monitor their environmental impact and track every plastic waste collection underscores their dedication to a greener future. Essentially’s CEO, Raja W. Abuljebain, reiterated their commitment, stating, “Essentially remains committed to implementing sustainable practices that positively impact our environment and communities.”

One of the remarkable outcomes of this partnership is the equivalence of the CO2 saved to planting 95 trees. Additionally, the saved CO2 is equivalent to the emissions produced by driving an SUV for 20,357 kilometers or running air conditioning for 3,065 hours, providing a tangible perspective on their substantial impact. See below what Raja W. Abuljebain had to say about the one-year milestone in the short video below.